One Lucky Dog Bakery We only sell products that will improve the health of your dog.

At One Lucky Dog Bakery we focus on making treats which are healthy for your dog.  All the treats we bake daily are gluten free because many dog have allergies to grains.  We use only the best ingredients and do not decorate our treats because it just adds cost and dogs are simply looking for a treat that smells and tastes good. 
We control your cost by shipping free to all states except Alaska and Hawaii.  

Please use the chart below to select your treat by health benefit, clicking on the dog treat name will take you to the detail page to order.

      Health Benefit                                                 Dog Treat
Breath Freshener                                             Peppermint Patty, Dragons Breath
Aid in Digestion                                                Pumpkin Spice, Ginger Snap, Apple Cinnamon
Improve skin & coat                                          Zombie
Reduces stress and anxiety                               Lullaby
Removes body toxins                                        Honey & Beet
Cancer Preventer                                              Hammerdaddy
High in antioxidants & vitamins                         Banana BonesBlueberry, Chicken MacKnight
Peanut Butter with zero sugar, salt, or xylitol    Peanut Butter, Monkey Bones