One Lucky Dog Bakery We only sell products that will improve the health of your dog.

Business Philosophy

Two of my passions are baking and researching the most healthy solutions for any issues my dogs may have.   I, like you want my dogs to live a long and healthy life and therefore I want them to have food which prolongs their lives not shorten it due to the bad things that shouldn't be in any dog food or is contaminated due to a manufacturing problem.  All the treats that we bake daily are gluten free because many dogs have allergies to grains.  I also want my dogs to look good because of grooming products that are natural and not harmful to their skin and coat.  I want them to have toys which are tough, made in the USA, and are tested for toxins to ensure the toys will not harm them.  I want them to have collars and leashes that are made with quality products and will not harm them.  This is why I do not offer collars with buckles in my shop.  My first two dogs had these collars and in playing the collars got hooked and they could have choked each other if I hadn't been there to assist.

At our store we carry great natural solutions for stress, joint issues, and supplements for skin and coat issues.  I am certainly not a Veterinarian but I have researched dog health issues and I know from 20 years of experience what solutions work and those that are simply a waste of time and money.

One of my dogs, currently it is Fergus, writes a blog and gives a tip of the day on Facebook.  Some of these are fun and some are educational.  If you are just starting out I recommend you check the blogs on bad things in dog food and how to compare your dog food with some good choices.

Please email me, Facebook message me, or stop at the store and I'll be glad to talk with you have about any concerns you have for your dog.

Thanks for your support and for being a true friend to your dog or dogs.  

Stacey, Fergus, Glenda, Tegan, Rocket, and Quill